Sachets Dessiflex – advanced moisture protection

postpone moisture ingress through seal areas by several years

General Details

Dessiflex™ – Advanced moisture protection

After several years of research, Amcor Flexibles has developed Dessiflex™. This range of packaging solutions integrate desiccant particles into the sealing layer using a solventless coextrusion coating process.

After the filling process, residual humidity can still persist within the packaging headspace. Moisture can also penetrate through the seal edges. To counter these effects, desiccant particles within the sealing layer will irreversibly absorb moisture from headspace and prevent ingress through the seal edges. The active desiccant agent improves the protection of the active ingredient, whether it is extremely sensitive to humidity or exposed to extreme climate conditions. There is no direct contact with the product: desiccant particles are isolated from the packaged product by the sealing layer.

Dessiflex® sachet laminates include an active sealing layer that absorbs moisture trapped into the package or coming from cross-diffusion through the seals.It is ideal to protect very moisture sensitive products and devices and extend product shelf life.

Dessiflex® solutions can be applied to sachets, strip packs, stick packs and flow wraps.

Dessiflex™ sachets postpone moisture ingress through seal areas by several years.

Why use Dessiflex™ ?

  • Enhanced protection of active ingredients
  • Significantly extends product shelf life, stability and efficacy
  • Increased product and patient safety by eliminating the use of external dessicant into the package
  • Simplification of the packaging process by eliminating one component
  • Reduction of pack size

Integrating Dessiflex™ early in your process will allow you to optimize the formulation/packaging couple.

Dessiflex™ flow packs add extra protection to all moisture sensitive medical and surgical devices


  • Any product currently packaged with dehydrating tablets or silica gel sachets
  • Any drug where active ingredients or galenic form is sensitive to moisture (effervescent tablets, rapid release tablets)
  • New drug delivery systems such as transdermal patches or inhalation systems
  • Medical and surgery devices such as diagnostics or stents


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