With more than 50 years experience in calendered rigid PVC films, today LIVEO (former Bilcare) is one of the leading rigid film producers in the world. LIVEO employs approximately 1,200 people with State-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Germany, Italy, the USA and Singapore.
LIVEO Research offers pharmaceutical films for blister packaging of tablets, capsules, ampoules, suppositories, syringes and medical devises.

Mono A-PET blister

Ready to be recycled in RIC1

Aqua|Ba® an unique oxygen barrier film

cost effective high barrier films

PVC/Aclar/PVC laminates

high barrier termoformable PVC/PCTFE/PVC

PVC/Aclar® films (PCTFE)

best moisture barrier from all clear thermoformable films

PVC, APET and PET-G for Medical devices

Trays – Blisters – Clamshells - Medical kits


Blis|Ba TX – termoformable triplex PVC/PE/PVDC films

PVC/PVDC films

Blis|Ba DX – termoformable PVC/PVDC films

rigid PVC films

Blis|Form – termoformable PVC for blisters