TearStick® Single Dose Stick Pack

laminates for convenient single-use packaging solutions

General Details

Stick packs represent a convenient, secure and hygienic packaging alternative for single dose pharmaceutical products.

Stick packs are a fast growing solution for single-use pharmaceutical applications, providing lightweight, secure and hygienic packaging, perfect for travelling and easy disposal. Amcor TearStick® can enhance your brand awareness by offering product differentiation and creating new marketing opportunities.
• Wide range of material combinations including PET, aluminum, films
• Unique platform of technologies: adhesive, extrusion lamination, (co)extrusion coating
• Rotogravure/flexographic printing from small to large quantities
Key benefits
• Good compatibility between the product and package (leachable/extractable)
• Excellent seal integrity for highly sensitive or aggressive drugs
• Optimal output on conventional or custom packaging equipment
• Easy to squeeze, convenient and hygienic dispensing
• Minimal waste of product and packaging
• Powders and granules
• Liquids
• Creams and gels
  • Optimum Easy-Tear Opening Solutions
  • Technologies such as laser scoring or Amcor Opening Features facilitate the easy tear initiation through multi-layer laminates, including cross seals
  • The tear notch can be eliminated and replaced by a tear indicator located anywhere on the package
  • Ease of opening can be controlled to customer requirements
Amcor SafeStick™: child resistant, easy open stick pack
• Instructions must be followed in order to open pack at tear initiation point
• The pack tears easily, but only at area designated by graphics and text
• Printed indicator and text may be used as a stand alone tear-open feature, or in combination with a “fold first” or “squeeze first” operation, depending on child resistance and end-use requirements
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