for pharmaceutical, veterinary and cosmetic applications

General Details

Glass ampoules are the ideal packaging material for fluid preparations. Our ampoules are tamper-proof, transparent, durable, impermeable to gas and resistant to any interaction between container and content. Total product safety is guaranteed through these essential properties. Our standard range of ampoules offer you a wide variety of high-quality products.

The quality of these products is monitored at every stage of the production process by on-line camera inspection for dimensional and visual criteria.

Glass type:  I and III
Form Fine tip, Double tip, Straight-stem, Open funnel and Closed-stem ampoules
Colour Clear, аmber and yellow (cosmetics)
Filling capacities from 1ml to 25ml
Break systems OPC (One Point Cut), CBR (Colour Break Ring) and SCR (Score Ring)


  • In-process control by statistical sampling
  • Physical and chemical analysis according to US, EU and JP Pharmacopoeias
  • Class 100 000 packaging rooms
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