for pharmaceutical, veterinary and cosmetic applications

General Details

Nipro PharmaPackaging is a global, fully integrated glass tubing manufacturer, supplying a large range of tubes, vials, ampoules, cartridges and other glass products to the pharmaceutical (parenteral and generic), scientific and cosmetic international markets.

Glass ampoules are the ideal packaging material for fluid preparations. Our ampoules are tamper-proof, transparent, durable, impermeable to gas and resistant to any interaction between container and content. Total product safety is guaranteed through these essential properties. Our standard range of ampoules offer you a wide variety of high-quality products.

The quality of these products is monitored at every stage of the production process by on-line camera inspection for dimensional and visual criteria.

Glass type:  I and III
Form Fine tip, Double tip, Straight-stem, Open funnel and Closed-stem ampoules
Colour Clear, аmber and yellow (cosmetics)
Filling capacities from 1ml to 25ml
Break systems OPC (One Point Cut), CBR (Colour Break Ring) and SCR (Score Ring)


  • In-process control by statistical sampling
  • Physical and chemical analysis according to US, EU and JP Pharmacopoeias
  • Class 100 000 packaging rooms
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