Pharmaceutical sachet laminates

General Details

We offer the largest range of sachet laminates for pharmaceutical products. Tailored for your application, we bring solutions to meet your needs for patient and product protection, productivity and convenience.

Our unique market expertise allows us to meet the day-to-day needs of our customers while continually developing innovative solutions in line with new market trends such as low migration laminates and packs for new drug delivery systems.
• Large range of materials and combinations, including paper, aluminum, films, resins, etc.
• Unique platform of technologies: adhesive, heat or extrusion lamination, (co)extrusion coating, etc.
• Rotogravure/flexographic printing from small to large quantities
Key benefits
• Mid-to-high barrier protection against oxygen, moisture and light, adapted to your needs
• Product/packaging compatibility whatever the dosage form, even for highly sensitive drugs
• Perfect seal integrity
• Good tearability for opening convenience
• Optimal output on conventional or custom packaging equipment
• Powders and granules
• Creams and gels
• Impregnated wipes
• Transdermal patches
• Liquids
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