vials from tubular glass

General Details

We offer a Standard Products line of vials from 2ml to 50ml.

  • Type I Clear glass
  • Type I Amber glass
  • Better shape consistency
  • Stronger thermal shock resistance
  • Reduced contact with forming tools give a superior cosmetic appearance

 Pharmaceutical vials

  • Injection/ Infusion Vials
  • Screw Neck Vials
  • Large volume vials

 Special vials

  • Unit dose vials
  • Lyo vials
  • Bi-dose vials
  • ProDose vials
  • V-bottom vials
  • High recovery vials
  • Double chamber vials
  • Clean vials

Manufacturing lines are equipped with in-line vision inspection systems that inspect every glass tube. Moreover, manual inspection comes as a back-up, in order to ensure that all quality parameters are met, both dimensional and cosmetic.

Запитване за продукт