vials from tubular glass

General Details

Nipro Tubing Vials offer better shape consistency and stronger thermal shock resistance and a superior cosmetic appearance because of reduced contact with forming tools.

We offer a Standard Products line of vials from 2ml to 50ml. We also offer the option Custom Design vials. Nipro can work with your specific dimensional or cosmetic requirements to build the perfect vial for your need from scratch or as an adaptation of an existing model.

  • Type I Clear glass
  • Type I Amber glass
  • Better shape consistency
  • Stronger thermal shock resistance
  • Reduced contact with forming tools give a superior cosmetic appearance

 Pharmaceutical vials

  • Injection/ Infusion Vials
  • Screw Neck Vials
  • Large volume vials

 Special vials

  • Unit dose vials
  • Lyo vials
  • Vials suitable for gamma radiation
  • Bi-dose vials
  • ProDose vials
  • V-bottom vials
  • High recovery vials
  • Double chamber vials
  • Clean vials

 Features – Several features can be added to your Standard or Custom Design vial.

  • Specific dimensional tolerance
  • 100% vision and manual inspection
  • Blowback (Type I or II)
  • Various level of packaging (Cell Pack available)

Manufacturing lines are equipped with in-line vision inspection systems that inspect every glass tube. Moreover, manual inspection comes as a back-up, in order to ensure that all quality parameters are met, both dimensional and cosmetic.

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