Sterilisation Laminates

medical device packaging

General Details

Sterilisation Laminates – Amcor is recognised around the world as the premier supplier of sterilisable medical device packaging

Amcor`s technical expertise and product line breadth will provide you with the most cost-effective medical packaging solution to protect and maintain the sterility of your medical device until the moment the package is opened.

I.Amcor`s Rayopeel® laminations peel and seal directly to all rigid films PE, PP, bare PETG, APET, PVC providing a particulate-free, clean peel opening and easy processing for a wide range of healthcare applications. Rayopeel® lidding rollstock is available in a variety of laminate structures to meet your specific barrier and performance requirements.

Benefits of the lidding include:

  • Clean, particulate-free peel
  • Very smooth peel opening
  • Consistent seal strength over a wide range of sealing conditions
  • Visible seal transfer provides evidence of seal integrity

Suitable for gamma or e-beam sterilization

II.Mediflex® laminates are Adhesive laminates of Rayopeel®/Polyethylene with oPET, oPA, PA, Paper OR Metallised oPET, barrier-coated oPET, Aluminium Foil

  • Can be sandwich printed for protection of art work
  • Different types of adhesives can be used
  • All possible thicknesses/combinations available, allowing to fulfil packaging requirements (sterilisation method, barrier requirements, thermoforming capability, chemical resistance)

Typical applications (irrad. sterilisation)

  • Flat pouches (non-barrier applications) for surgical gloves, wound dressings, gauzes
  • Lidding film for formable nylon/PE webs: syringes, needles, catheders, canisters
  • Flat pouches (high-barrier applications) for wound dressings, gauzes, water-sensitive medical devices
  • Lidding film for thermoformed trays based on PETG (PET-GAG), PVC: pre-filled syringes, (orthopaedic) implants, (endo)surgery tools

Typical applications (steam sterilisation)

  • Overwrap pouches for IV fluid bags
  • Flat pouches for surgical blades
  • Lidding film for thermoformed PP cups for packing eye lenses
  • Overwrap (flat/thermoformed) pouches for IV fluid bags
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