secondary packaging: Flow Wraps and Overwraps

blisters, inhalers, plastic vials and diagnostic devices

General Details
Amcor has developed flow wraps and overwraps to provide exceptional barrier properties against light, oxygen, water vapor etc. for medical and pharmaceutical products, such as blisters, inhalers, plastic vials and diagnostic devices.

• Large range of materials and combinations, including paper, aluminum, films, resins
• Unique platform of technologies: adhesive, heat or extrusion lamination, (co)extrusion coating
• Rotogravure/flexographic printing from small to large quantities
• Bag and pouch-making facilities
Key benefits
• Mid-to-high barrier protection against oxygen, moisture and light, adapted to your needs
• Puncture resistance
• Pack integrity (tamper evidence)
Overwrapping, grouping of:
• Blister packs
• Inhalers
• Single dose packs such as eye wash vials
• Diagnostic kits, blood test strips
• Any pharmaceutical product or medical device currently packed on form fill seal flow wrap machines
Dessiflex™: integrated desiccant solution for advanced moisture protection
• Transparent high barrier laminates with Ceramis® proprietary films
• Child resistant options adapted to local/international regulations
• Easy-opening and peel-open solutions
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