About us

KAA TIMEX LR is established in 1994 as representation of Swiss company LONZA. Later on we expanded the manufacturers that we represent to Amcor Flexibles, LIVEO Research, Go Caps, Gerreshiemer PlasticPackaging and others.

Our goal is to establish fruitful and long term partnership between the customers and the manufacturers. We have extensive knowledge and right contacts, because of the wide range of products that we have been supplying for more than 20 years.

KAA TIMEX LR is well placed supplier of raw materials, APIs and packaging materials for the manufacturing of pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, cosmetic and food products in Bulgaria.

The companies that we represent are the world’s leading manufacturers in these fields. We could consult you by sharing our extensive knowledge with you.

Our customers in Bulgaria and Romania are the leading pharmaceutical, food supplements, cosmetic, personal care and food producers, printers and converters.

We could assist you in everything related to your product – materials, technologies and equipment needed for the packaging process. You will reply on the knowledge and experience of the best manufacturers in these fields.

Our Team

Our team consists of young and creative people who pursue innovative and personal approach. Our efforts are aimed at compliance with the fundamental values of the company – high performance and customer satisfaction.