Stress Management, toward a relaxed and sharp mind

General Details

Stress Management. Toward a relaxed and sharp mind.

A synergistic ingredient addressing the brain-gut axis

Nowadays, 25 to 55% of the people, depending on the country, declare suffering of stress issues several times each week.

As the expert in mental balance solutions, GPE created Probiostress® to help relaxing while keeping high mental performance, without adverse effects.

Probiostress® is a patented synergistic ingredient creating a virtuous circle within the brain-gut axis. Probiostress® is a stable blend of Saffron extract and probiotic strains characterized by its unique standardization and formulation.

A clinically proven efficiency

A double-blind randomized and placebo controlled clinical study was conducted in 2014 on 30 subjects. The efficiency was assessed using evaluation questionnaires.

  • Decrease of compulsive habit
  • Improvement of relaxation state
  • Improvement of mood
  • Reduction of mental stress symptoms
  • Reduction of mild depression
  • Decrease of cognitive decline

Probiostress® significantly reduces anxiety level as compared to placebo and it concomitantly improves the global sleep quality.

When asked if they feel more relaxed upon treatment, up to 11/15 subjects in Probiostress® group answered positively!

Health benefits

Probiotics and saffron extract were clinically proven to have other mental benefits:

  • Reduction of mental stress symptoms
  • Reduction of mild depression
  • Decrease of cognitive decline

Mechanism of action

Intestinal microbiota is sometimes referred as the second brain because of its great influence on mood notably though the production of brain active metabolites.

Through its action on brain and on the intestinal microbiota, Probiostress® creates a virtuous circle toward a relaxed state of mind.

Technical Data:

Commercial name Probiostress®
Description Saffron extract and probiotic bacteria
Active Compounds Crocin (HPLC) 6mg
B. longum & L. Helveticus 6 billion CFU/g
Form Powder or Capsules Tasteless and Fragrance-free
Recommended Dosage 500mg/day
for a 4 to 6 weeks treatment
Application Food supplements: capsules, softgel capsules, sachets…;
Dry applications: cereal bars, dry instant drinks…


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