Ceramis transparent high barrier film

suitable for pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food applications

General Details

What is Ceramis®?

Ceramis® is a technology by which a SiOx coating is applied to various types of substrates. The Ceramis® coating is a thin inorganic layer of silicon oxide that has been evaporated in a high vacuum environment to substrates like PET, oPA and oPP. The solid silicon oxide is heated by an electron beam and sublimates. Then the vapor condensates and forms a very thin barrier layer on the film that is conveyed on a cooling roll.

Film Properties

  • Highly transparent
  • Excellent combined barrier against gases, water vapor and aromas, not affected by temperature and humidity
  • Transparent to microwaves
  • Suitable for use in MAP, aseptic, hot fi ll, pasteurization and sterilization applications
  • No “retort shock”
  • Allows metal detection
  • High flex-crack resistance
  • High bonding of the SiOx coating to the base films
  • Printable with all established printing processes
  • Suitable for use on all converting machines

The following film types are used as base films:

  • PET
  • Polyethylene terephthalate
  • oPA Orientated Polyamide
  • oPP Orientated Polypropylene
  • PLA Polylactic Acid

Coatings on other base films, e.g. ETFE and PC, are available on request.

Application Examples

  • Non-retort: meat, pizza, pasta, cheese, snacks, herbs and spices, biscuits, instant drinks, tooth paste
  • Retort: soups, dips, sauces, ready-meals, fruits, enteral nutrition
  • Technical specialties: solar cells, electronic devices (e.g. RFID, OLED), photovoltaic, holograms, surface protection, functional surfaces

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