Tubes with desiccant closures for effervescent tablets

printed or unprinted

General Details

The cylindrical containers are produced in numerous sizes and they can be printed in 5 or 6 colors.

Applied technologies: injection moulding, printing, IML (in-mould labelling).

The advantages of IML technology is that it allows to use plenty of colours in the artwork, making the appearance of the final product more attractive and desirable.

With the respective desiccant closures the tubes are designed mainly for packing humidity sensitive products.

They can be used not only for effervescent tablets, but for other moisture sensitive products as well.

The wide range of closing solutions:

  • Flanged
  • tamper evident, which indicates that the product is intact
  • with or without calming spiral
  • with silica gel filling, which protects the product from humidity for several years

Запитване за продукт