transparent high barrier laminates

General Details
We can tailor laminates to your needs using nonaluminium structures, such as CERAMIS®. These transparent high barrier laminates protect against moisture and oxygen, and are alternatives to aluminium foil.

AromaloX is a high barrier film, designed to protect dry products, AromaloX is a double-layer film that can replace traditional triple-layer films used for high barrier applications.

AromaloX is a bPP-film that is extruded and metallized to deliver a excellent barrier properties and sealing characteristics.


  • AromaloX is an ideal alternative to standard triplex specifications, with or without aluminium, e.g. Paper/Alu/PE or PET/Alu/PE
  • Offers efficiency and cost saving opportunities
  • Excellent oxygen and moisture barrier
  • High puncture resistance
  • Excellent mechanical and sealing properties
  • Lower environmental impact compared to standard triplex film
  • AromaloX can be customised to meet requirements for coefficient of friction, sealability and stiffness

Product Application:

  • Coffee, ground and beans
  • Coffee, instant drinks
  • Herbs & spices
  • Infant formula, powder, Milk modifiers
  • Jelly or Jello crystals
  • Packet ready meals
  • Sauce and gravy, packet
  • Rising agents
  • Salt, Sugar, Sugar substitutes
  • Tea bags & loose
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