Top seal – aluminum membranes for tubes

prevent loss of flavors, preserve oils

General Details

For generations, the tube has been one of the most widely used form of packaging of toothpaste, hair dye, cream and gel products.

Today the laminate tubes are used not only for toothpaste, but more and more in the cosmetics, pharmaceutical and food industry.

Amcor Flexibles offers aluminum membranes for sealing on the top of the laminated tubes which help prevent loss of flavors, preserve essential oils and minimize the transmission of oxygen, gas and light to maintain product stability.

Amcor Flexibles offers:

  • standard membrane with 45mic aluminium barrier with sealing layer for easy peeling
  • membrane with 47mic aluminium barrier with special extrusion for aggressive products like depilatory cream and others
  • membranes with different thickness of the barrier and sealing layer, depending on the customer`s application
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