Steril Up® sterilizable lidding

Solutions for demanding sterilization applications

General Details

Steril Up® represents a family of peelable lidding materials designed for high performance in the most demanding sterilization environments. Steril Up® materials are available in both co-extruded and laminated specifi cations, with properties engineered to meet key packaging requirements for barrier, easy peelability, fit-for-purpose strength and process-friendly handling.

Features Key benefits
Cohesive rupture Easy to recognize residual trace confirms presence of robust seal
Easy opening Effortless opening mechanism maximizes consumer appeal
Consistent, smooth peel Smooth peel ensures convenient blister opening, free of messy saline splashes
High tear and puncture resistance Durable protection ensures product safety and user-friendly portability
Surface or reverse print Flexible print options address processing or lead time priorities
Laser etchable inks Enables late stage addition of variable data to finished blister
Supply form reels or die cuts Allows for optimized manufacturing strategies
High seal integrity Enhanced product safety via advanced material know how (e.g. PP, PET or POLYBAR® – COC)
Stable even after multiple sterilization cycles Robust structure helps ensure consumer safety


Regulatory compliance Full regulatory compliance with US FDA, BGVV and CONEG codes of use


  • Contact lenses
  • Ocular implants
  • Medical devices
  • Diagnostic devices
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