PBL laminates with EVOH

alu free tube laminates

General Details

For generations, the tube has been one of the most widely used form of packaging of toothpaste, hair dye, cream and gel products for the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food industry.

For tubes with aromatic contents, aluminium was mainly used as a barrier layer for flavour and water permeability, and particularly with regard to protection against loss and change of flavour.

The alternative of ABL alu based laminates are laminates with EVOH.

EVOH laminates are PE laminated composite materials consisting of PE films and an EVOH barrier layer.

EVOH is a barrier material, which has been known for many years and shows acceptable imperviousness values for several types of products. The best barrier after aluminium, however, is CERAMIS®; a barrier layer based on a micro coating process.

Depending on the specific market requirements, the laminates are offered in white or transparent colour, with different thickness of the barrier layer and different total thickness – PBL 420/15; 375/15; 350/15, 325/15, 300/15, 300/5, 275/15 and others.

We have been supplying tube laminates for many years from Amcor Flexibles Singen, Germany. When Amcor Singen stopped the production of tube laminates, we have redirected the deliveries from Amcor`s plant in China, from where we are supplying  tube laminates to the Bulgarian market for more than 7 years.

During this period, the team of Amcor China has proven to be reliable and trustworthy partner. As part of the global leader Amcor, the manufacturer has the knowledge and long experience in producing high quality packaging materials for pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, personal care and food applications.

The combination of attractive prices and the flexibility of eastern countries makes Amcor China preferred and reliable partner!

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