Optimize your coldform blister packaging

designs the ideal blister cavity size stretching the coldform foil to its limits, but not beyond

General Details

Amcor offers you a unique proposal how to optimze your coldform blister packaging

  • Amcor’s tools simulate coldform blisters, to help you select the ideal material for your application
  • Amcor’s tools measure the cross-diffusion impact through the seal layer, and the thermal impact of the sealing process
  • Amcor helps you select the best forming plug by taking into account the plug material

I.Coldform blister design with FORSIS

  • Simulation of the coldforming process enables Amcor to design the ideal blister cavity size, stretching the Formpack® to its limits, but not beyond
  • The process optimizes material distribution, uniformity of wall thickness without fractures
  • Amcor’s software considers multi-layer materials and the full range of Formpack® specifications
  • Amcor has carried out thousands of simulations, and has developed an unrivalled knowledge base to guarantee simulation accuracy

II.Phi-check analysis on strain distribution & tooling design

The customer receives a Formpack laminate which is coated with a grid. The laminate is formed on the customer`s machine and tools. The already formed grid is sent to Amcor, where dedicated specialists analyze:

  • Is the coldform laminate overstretched?
  • Are the forming tools and plugs correctly designed?
  • Are the forming tools well centered?

We offer our customer:

  • Selection of the best barrier material
  • Optimized blister design
  • Optimized plug material selection
  • Immediate troubleshooting

to ensure

  • Optimum product protection
  • Minimum material usage
  • Maximum blister line efficiency
  • Continuous improvement of packaging

and improve

  • Speed to market
  • Production throughput and efficiencies
  • Ease of new product implementation

The leading machine manufacterers work in close cooperation with Amcor when designing tools for processing coldform foil.

Illustration of Phi-check you would find in the section Documents.

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