Lidding foils for diary products

lidding foils for yogurt and desserts

General Details

A wide range of solutions is available to meet your yogurt and desserts packaging requirements.

  • lacquered aluminium lidding foils for yogurt

  • Lidding materials sealable on various types of plastic bottles. Our Top Peel® range of lidding material incorporates a support in aluminium and a sealing layer applied by lamination extrusion or coextrusion for use on HdPE or PP bottles. It is suitable for special processes including: hot filling to 90°C, aseptic, steam or UV filling and retort. Top Peel® milk and yoghurt drink lidding provide you with the benefits of our unrivalled expertise in aluminimum lidding (both on-the-reel and die-cut).
  • Mixpap is designed to enhance the fresh appeal of yoghurt. It is a paper based lidding film for PS-based pots produced on FFS packaging machines. Good sealing and permeability combined with optional attractive metallisation make this an excellent lidding option.


  • Sealable on PS from 180 to 230°C
  • Thermoresistant inks and overlacquer
  • Suitable for hot filling processes and for UV sterilisation
  • PVC free heatseal lacquer solution
  • If metallised: good barrier properties to light, O2, H2O and aroma
  • Can be adapted to seal on PS, PP or PE cups
  • Optional laser dating on the lidding film
  • Additional features include reverse printing

Mixpap paper-based lidding and and Banderole wrap around labels, enable you to capture important brand qualities and provide sustainable features.

Other solutions such as stick pack single serve packs and Stand up pouches mean that portion-sized yoghurts and desserts can be enjoyed on-the-go, now with fewer spills and less mess.

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