High Barrier Peel-Open Pouch Laminates

Safe and convenient unit-dose packaging

General Details

Amcor`s peel-open laminates are an ideal packaging solution for moisture sensitive medical and pharmaceutical products, such as oral dissolve strips, transdermal patches and diagnostics. The peelable lamination seals and peels to itself, allowing for easy-opening, convenient product dispensing, portability and unit dosing. Amcor’s unique peel technology is built into the high-barrier aluminium laminate providing a soft and consistent peel.

• Consistent and homogeneous weld seal layer
• Wide operational window on packaging machines
• Peeling function through cohesive failure shows visible seal evidence on the pack when opened
• Compatible with different sterilization techniques

Key benefits
• High barrier laminate provides optimal product safety
• Particulate-free opening feature reinforces product integrity
• Easy to process on high-speed equipment
• Evidence of seal integrity after opening of the pack
• Consistent and adjustable peel strength, for soft or robust peel feeling
• Oral dissolve strips
• Moisture sensitive drug delivery systems (i.e. implants, transdermal patches)
• Diagnostics
• Combinations of large range of barrier materials and thicknesses
• Clear-barrier materials possible
• Amcor patented peel solutions:
– Rayopeel® range of blown coextruded films applied by heat or adhesive lamination
– Core-Peel® direct coextrusion coating onto the foil
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