Dessiflex – Real moisture protection for blisters

for hygroscopic products. Keeps the cavity dry (<10% r.h.) for 17 years *

General Details

Formpack® DessiflexTM bottom aluminum foil for blisters alu/alu with integrated desiccant

Invented by Amcor Flexibles (former Alcan Packaging), the FORMPACK® (alu/alu) blister provides the highest possible product protection against moisture, oxygen and light for individual doses of pharmaceutical products, medical devices and diagnostics.

Now Amcor is setting the standard for real moisture protection!

Real moisture protection results from a combination of material barrier properties, closure seal integrity and compartment performance. Continuing to set the standard for more than 30 years, Formpack® Dessiflex™ is the first coldform blister material satisfying all the requirements of “real” moisture protection in tandem with enhanced PVC-free coldform performance.

This blister received an Alufoil 2007 trophy from the EAFA (European Aluminium Foil Association). The blister pack was awarded a Trophy for its contribution to extending the shelf life of moisture-sensitive pharmaceuticals.

Formpack® Dessiflex™ keeps the cavity dry (<10% r.h.) for 17 years comparative estimation *.

Unlike conventional barrier packages that might contain desiccant strips, tablets or even individual desiccant pouches the Amcor technology platform is based on encapsulating the desiccating agent, a metal oxide within a polyolefin heat seal layer. The reaction is not reversible at temperatures encountered by packaging. The contents remain protected from both moisture and desiccants solids themselves.

Description Formpack® aluminium bottom foil for blisters alu/alu with integrated desiccant
Properties Impermeable barrier: moisture, light, oxygen and other gases
Advantages ** Greater moisture protection from cross-diffusion though the lid seal**
Maximum moisture protection extends product shelf life – up to 17 years *
Long-term delamination resistance
Increased square meters per kilogram **
Improved sealing temperature – energy efficiency
Maximum fracture-free forming capabilities with improved “spring-back” characteristics **
Higher lidding bond strength**
PVC-free structure
Security: original coldform brand, more than 30 years of proven performance
Application Tablets, caplets, gel-caps
Powders, freeze-dried products
Medical devices, diagnostics
Cosmetic products as well as other applications

* at 21°C / 40% r.h.
** in comparison with the standard Formpack

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