Chloro derivatives

CABB manufactures a broad variety of reagents and intermediates, and customized client products

General Details

CABB is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of fine chemicals derived from chlorine and sulfur chemistry. CABB serves customers in the agro, pharma, speciality and performance chemical industry with reagents, intermediates and finished products. Headquartered in Sulzbach near Frankfurt, CABB operates production sites in Germany, Switzerland and India. Equipped with state-of-the-art technologies, CABB constantly improves processes to achieve the highest quality and safety standards.

The intermediate products are used to manufacture a diverse range of end products: agrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, scents and fragrances, vitamins and even cleansers. CABB manufactured a large number of chemical reagents and intermediates and is the global market leader in the area of monochloroacetic acid.

CABB is backward integrated in key raw materials like chlorine and sulfur trioxide and operates Verbund systems.
Based on these strategic raw materials, CABB manufactures a broad variety of downstream products.

Core product groups are:

  • monochloroacetic acid and derivatives
  • acid chlorides
  • sulfonyl chlorides
  • chloroethylamine derivatives
  • chloromethyl ethers and esters and sulphur trioxide-amine complexes.

Beyond the core competencies in chlorination, sulfonation and methylation, CABB offers a wide range of further technologies and chemical reactions. Working for more than one century with these products, CABB holds a longstanding experience in manufacturing, handling and processing corrosive and hazardous materials.CABB offers custom manufacturing including process development and scale-up through to full commercial production.

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