Cheesefoil packaging solution

easy to open, aluminum foils for processed cheeses with different shapes

General Details

Cheesefoil packaging solution- smart, easy open solution for processed cheese

Amcor Cheesefoil packaging solution for processed cheese comprises three distinct parts:

  • a lid
  • a shell and
  • a tearstrip

A proven easy-open solution which combines excellent product protection and consumer convenience. Now that’s smart.

On-shelf differentiation

  • Attractive and light
  • Can be gold coloured or printed in up to five colours
  • Features
  • Lacquers and aluminium foil perfectly adapted to packaging lines
  • Tearstrip properties perfect for guided opening
  • Can be gold coloured or printed in one to five colours

Key benefits

  • Excellent machinability on packaging lines
  • Attractive and light
  • Excellent barrier properties
  • Complete barrier to light, odour, oxygen and water vapour
  • High corrosion resistance
  • Convenience: easy opening with tearstrip

Triangular, square, rectangular, round portions or blocks with different unit weights

Packaging process
The material is delivered in reels allowing for customised shape (triangle, square, etc.)

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