protection, opening convenience, efficiency and consistent high quality printing

General Details

As a leading manufacturer, Amcor offers a wide range of blister lidding solutions that can meet the pharmaceutical market’s demand for high quality products. Packages made with materials from Amcor Flexibles provide the peace of mind that they will meet all the requirements set for blister packs and optimal product protection for pharmaceutical applications.

Our blister lidding materials are designed to meet your needs for product protection, opening convenience, packing line efficiency and consistent high quality printing.

Description Push-trought foil, soft or hard aluminium foil;
One side (dull or bright) heat seal lacquered,
The other side (bright or dull) pre-lacquered for printing
Thickness of the alu foil 15-30my, standard 20 and 25my
Other Unprinted or printed
Sealing against PVC; PVDC; PP; PET; PE, coldform and Aclar®
Can be processed on all conventional blister lines
Option Child Resistant lidding foils *
For more information please check product GuardLid®

 *Child-resistant (CR): The combination of the appropriate blister bottom, lidding material and package design can produce a package that meets the European CR/SF and test positively under the guidance of the US Code of Federal.

Regulatory compliance: All Amcor`s blister lidding structures comply with the requirements of the European Pharmacopoeia and the relevant US Code of Federal regulations.

Pharma Center: Blister lidding foil is produced at Amcor`s Pharma Centers under strict hygienic conditions.

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