AmSky – Recycle-Ready mono blister pack

блистер без PVC (Vinyl) и без алуминий

General Details

AmSky™ is Innovative Recycle Ready blister pack – sustainable solution for pharmaceuticals.

Sustainability benefits:

  • Designed for recycling in the Polyethylene/Polyolefin stream
  • Sorted into both Flexible & Rigid Recycling Streams
  • Compliant with EU Strategy for Plastics in a Circular Economy
  • Up to 70% reduction incarbon footprint* compared to PVC/Alu solutions


  • Equivalent moisture barrier to 120gr PVDC coating
  • Vinyl and Aluminium free blister system
  • Push-Through Childresistant/Senior Friendly opening
  • Similar machine efficiencies to existing established solutions with limited capex Investment

The most important about AmSky:

  1. A Recycle Ready blister base web and lid – Mono material Polyethylene (PE) thermoform blister and lidding film provides an innovative solution, tackling the challenges of upcoming legislative changes
  2. A range of barrier solutions – This blíster system allows customers to harmonise their supply chain using a single combination covering a range of PVC & PVDC/PVC and Aluminum PTF combinations
  3. Business Continuity – Polymer resins have been chosen with dual supply to allow peace of mind and
    sustainable supply to meet customers’ future demand
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