Packaging for food products

Potato Chip Film

High barrier AL structure

Infant Formula Milk Powder Film

for packing various milk powder and other nutritious food in powder or granulate

Transparent High Barrier Retort SUP

for packing various processed food in retortable packaging

Direct seal aluminium membrane for can ends

without metal ring for dry products do not require heat treatment


reclosable packaging for Processed meat, Seafood and other

Tomato Ketchup Sachet Film

packing various condiments in sachet


easy opening, no risk of injury through sharp edges, spoonable

Aluminum containers and lids for pet food packaging

аluminum containers and lids for pet food packaging

peelable lidding membranes for sealing onto glass

suitable for dry, wet, hot-flled, pasteurized and retort products

Composite cans

For brand enhancement and visual impact at the point of purchase

Alufix Retort

the best protection for products requiring preserving process

Alufix Dry

the best protection for dry products not requiring heat treatment