Innovative packaging solutions and services

Optimize your coldform blister packaging

designs the ideal blister cavity size stretching the coldform foil to its limits, but not beyond

Polyolefine – the alternative of Barex

same inert properties as Barex, improved extractable and sealing properties

Amlock – universal Alu/Pex Prelaminate

alu based pre-laminate with high-performance coextruded seal layer

Ceramis transparent high barrier film

suitable for pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food applications

N`CRYPT – anticounterfeit solutions

protect your product by making the counterfeiters‘ work difficult task!

Primera lid foil

‘First’ for performance on all print technologies - UV flexo, CSAT, HAPA, Inkjet

Sachets Dessiflex – advanced moisture protection

postpone moisture ingress through seal areas by several years

Dessiflex – Real moisture protection for blisters

for hygroscopic products. Keeps the cavity dry (<10% r.h.) for 17 years *