Formpack® cold form foil for blisters alu/alu

the highest possible product protection against moisture, oxygen and light

General Details
Formpack® bottom aluminum foil for blisters alu/alu

Invented by Amcor Flexibles (former Alcan Packaging), the Formpack® (alu/alu) blister provides the highest possible product protection against moisture, oxygen and light for individual doses of pharmaceutical products, medical devices and diagnostics.

Form and function of the blister bottom are defined by the stretching of an aluminum-plastic composite according to the dimensions of the packaged goods. Formpack® laminates can be designed today for a variety of products and can be processed on any blister line equipped with cold-form tools.

New drugs and active compounds are increasingly sensitive to environmental impacts, and when combined with the need for optimal protection across multiple climatic zones, Formpack® has more and more become the only effective packaging choice.

Description Formpack® bottom aluminium foil for blisters alu/alu
Structure oPA/ Alu/ PVC
Properties Cold-formable
  High barrier to light, moisture, oxygen and other gases
Optimal protection extends product shelf life
  High resistance to low and high temperatures
  Maximum fracture-free forming capabilities
  Security: the original coldform brand with more than 40 years of proven performance
  Long-term delamination resistance
Application Tablets, caplets, gel-caps
Powders, freeze-dried products
Medical devices, diagnostics
Cosmetic products as well as other applications

All Amcor`s Formpack® laminates comply with the current regulatory requirements of the European Pharmacopoeia and of the US Code of Federal Regulations. Formpack® is produced at Amcor`s Pharma Center under strict hygienic conditions.

Amcor`s Research and Development Center and Application Engineering teams offer a wide variety of services, such as optimal forming tool design, the evaluation of forming requirements, micro-sections and ensure that Amcor`s products and services incorporate the latest technology, materials and process advancements.

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