selects the most optimum packaging material for your product

General Details
BilcareOptima™ provides answers to the following questions:
Is my packaging material the right choice?
What is the best packaging for my product?
Which environmental parameters affect my products stability?
What is the reason for my product stability failure?
How can I avoid “Over-Protection” for my product?

With BilcareOptima™ over-protection is avoided. We achieve this by placing your product through rigorous evaluation examinations, including our Forced Degradation Study which:

  • Measures effects of parameters: temperature, light, moisture, oxygen and time
  • Estimates critical factors determining failure mode
  • Determines threshold values and needed barrier properties
  • Designs the final blister cavity using 3D Software
  • Simulates cavity thinning & moisture permeation through FEA Software
  • Selects the most optimum packaging material for your product!
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